Get Powerful Intel on Your Subscribers

Written by
Laura Sullivan

January 5, 2023

Welcome to our new series, where we call out some of the exciting new features of our platform as they are released. Pretty nifty, right? First up: meet Subscriber Insights. 

What is Subscriber Insights?
This feature allows users to easily upload their subscriber list to the Inbox Monster platform. The tool churns out subscriber counts by underlying mail systems and offers a snapshot of areas of risk within the subscriber list. Then ISP weighting can provide a different dimension to deliverability measurement, giving you a truer picture of your program’s performance. This allows our users to focus their attention on the most important metrics and threats for their specific program, and to make informed decisions with activities like IP Warming. 

Wait, wait–how?
Subscriber Insights performs a unique lookup of each domain within a list and determines which mail system it belongs to, for example Office 365, Google Workspace, Cloudmark or Proofpoint. This is different from any info you can pull out of your ESP… Their main goal is sending lots of email. If you send me an email (please do!) at, you’re actually emailing Google Workspace. Your ESP can’t tell you that.

Why this matters. A lot.
Once you have run a Subscriber Insights report, you can bind those results to one of your sending domains. With a few clicks, you can see how your specific list will inbox when deployed. And new modules will appear throughout the platform that take the users specific subscriber counts into account, so they can make more informed decisions about inboxing issues and which ones take priority.

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