An extra set

of eye

Great marketers go to great lengths to make sure their email program is playing by the rules.


Oversight by Inbox Monster

Is every policy you’ve set out for your program happening at this moment? This is the question that marketers lose sleep over–and one that can land brands in major legal trouble. With Oversight, you can easily set up beacons and tie them to the key rules of your program. The tool will make sure everything is running as planned. And alert you if it’s not. 



Unsubscribe monitoring

Place a set of beacons in the unsubscribe database. If a rule is broken, we’ll let you know.


Suppression rule oversight

Whether it’s to adhere to government regulation or to suppress bounces, place a beacon in a suppression data set to get certainty.


Data theft

Be notified of any unauthorized sending, which could point to external theft or internal issues.


Segmentation checks

Are your unengaged or other segment rules selecting the right audiences? Oversight can be your safety net.



Email journey insurance

Place a beacon in your email campaign journey to be certain that your subscribers are receiving the right content at the right time.


Half of all emails sent have this callout worthy statistic in common

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