Oversight by inbox monster

Don’t set it and forget it

Great marketers go to great lengths to be sure their email programs are playing by the rules. With Inbox Monster’s new mailstream tracking platform, you can now tie powerful tracking beacons to the key rules of your programs, and gain a whole new level of certainty.



Unsubscribe monitoring

Place a set of beacons in the unsubscribe database. If a rule is broken, we’ll let you know.


Suppression rule oversight

Whether it’s to adhere to government regulation or for bounce compliance, place a beacon in a suppression data set to get certainty.


Data theft

Be notified of any unauthorized sending, which could point to external theft or internal issues.


Segmentation checks

Are your unengaged or other segment rules selecting the right audiences? Oversight can be your safety net.



Email journey insurance

Place a beacon in your email campaign journey to be certain that your subscribers are receiving the right content at the right time.


Internal data monitoring

In complex organizations where data is shared among sub-brands or departments, get critical visibility.

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