Speed to Monitoring, Speed to Impact

RentPath, the nation’s largest rental solution provider, needed to find a new tool for monitoring email delivery – and they couldn’t take a chance on having any downtime from a business perspective. They partnered with Inbox Monster and quickly found what they needed. And more.

In 2 weeks, a diverse set of marketers was making nuanced, data-informed decisions in real time. In the first month, they saw an impact beyond expectations, thanks to white glove service and the data-rich platform

The problem

Complexity is a reality for RentPath, as it is with many enterprise organizations trying to get their most valuable channel right. Inbox Monster jumped in, supporting three email teams across the RentPath organization, spanning B2C and B2B across multiple ESPs.


The solution

All of the marketing teams were fully integrated onto Inbox Monster within several weeks, getting up to speed on automated inbox placement, ISP reputation data, DMARC reporting data and blocklist and spam trap reporting, thanks to the stellar team. Everyone was working within the platform to make smart decisions on the fly by week two.

How? Inbox Monster conducted email program discovery sessions and delivered individual onboarding sessions that addressed specific challenges. In other words, tailored advice, served up on a silver tray.

“From an implementation standpoint, it was just great. We had lots of questions and Inbox Monster was super responsive. I love dealing with a nimble company like Inbox Monster.”

– Rent.

The Result

A major impact on inbox placement within 60 days. Total inbox placement for the primary B2C sender domain went from 60% to 87% within 60 days of partnership. This is an 45% increase in great content getting in front of customers.

Overall Inbox Placement