Enhanced Proofing, Notifications & Link Validation Are Here

Written by
Laura Sullivan

September 14, 2023

We’ve been busy in the lab at Inbox Monster, cooking up another great release for our users that gives more accessibility guidance, enhanced notifications and additional dimensions for critical link checks. Check out what release 8 has in store: 

Color Blind Filters for Another Accessibility Dimension

Within our proofing tool, customers can now toggle between “no filter” and the two most common types of color blind filters, to see how those with color blindness will likely view their email. This bolsters our WCAG accessibility check to give another dimension of input on creative. 

Enhanced Notifications to Keep You Aware & Informed

We’ve made a two-fold enhancement in our notifications and alerts. First, all email and Slack notifications have been significantly updated. We will now include the specific alert rule that was triggered, giving more insight into what ISP, reputation source or blocklist a team may be monitoring. Second, in the creative projects section, alerts are now issued to the project creator when someone engages in a comment or reply within their proof. The more information, more immediately, the better. 

Additional Options with Link Masking 

Within the Validation tab, we’ve added a new toggle that showcases the unmasked links (if links are masked by an Email Service Provider), allowing marketers to identify and address any critical link issues more easily. 

These updates enhance our email signals platform, empowering marketers with more feedback and data on their email program so they can land every send, every time. If you’d like to get a closer look at the platform, book a demo.

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