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The Monster Guide to Sending Frequency

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year: Time to send a metric ton of emails. Yes, email can seem like a powerful drug to boost sales, particularly during the holidays. For some in your company, it might seem like more sending = more revenue. But...
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The Monster Guide to Great Subject Lines

“Don’t use free in the subject line. It’ll land you in spam.” This advice came and went about 10 years ago, along with One Direction (sorry, 1D!). Like many things in our world, subject best practices have gotten more… complex. But a well-crafted...
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The Monster Guide to Reengagement

Email is a nuanced exchange. Your customers trust you enough to invite your brand to their inbox. If they aren’t opening and interacting with your content, they’re sending you a signal. Either they’re no longer into it and it’s probably time to...
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