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All Plans Include

Unlimited Event Testing

Test everything, all the time, and only click send when there’s nothing left to test.

Pre + Post-send Analytics

Seed testing and inbox placement monitoring help identify delivery problems before you hit send.

Reputation Monitoring

View your reputation across all your mailing domains or dig deeper into each domain to identify areas for improvement.

Real-time Notifications

We’ll monitor your campaigns around the clock and notify you when important items need to be addressed.

Spamtrap Monitoring

Sometimes even the best mailers hit roadblocks. And if it happens to you, we’ll let you know and help you get back on track. We monitor over 6M recycled and pristine traps daily.


With email, imitation is not a form of flattery, it’s fraud. Stop phishing with DMARC monitoring and real-time notifications.


We monitor all relevant blocklists daily across your sending domains and IPs.

Engagement Pixel

Our engagement pixel allows you to measure the read-time, browser, device, and more from subscribers that open your email


We monitor your email authentication including SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and BIMI.

Unlimited Deliverability Testing

Agency Mailer Plan


Unlimited Inbox Rendering

Look your absolute best regardless of what email client or device your emails are viewed on. 


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