A Combo That Shines: Outstanding Technology + Hands-On Support is a new kind of online auction site for diamonds and jewelry–it’s a seamless, end-to-end selling experience that’s all about transparency. They came to Inbox Monster with a major ESP migration behind them and a few inboxing issues that they knew needed to be addressed quickly. The sparkling combination of a best-in-class platform and trustworthy support proved to be just the formula for success.

Onboarding That’s High Touch & Quick to Insights

Once the decision to come onboard with Inbox Monster was made, getting up and running was a quick process for the Worthy team. They noted the friendly, personable support and the lack of heavy lifting to get their brand set up, with great data flowing in for the team to react to on Day 2. Immediate and sustained improvement quickly followed.


A Reliable Platform

The company has an unusual number of triggered communications for an e-commerce company, so having clarity on a wide range of emails in one visual snapshot has been critical. With a shared IP in use, inboxing data can fluctuate so keeping tabs in real time is a huge boon to keeping performance strong.

White Glove 1-1 Support

With the influx of data, also came “incredibly responsive” support and translation of the numbers–which is something they knew they wouldn’t get elsewhere. During the previous migration, Worthy took a somewhat measured and cautious approach, resulting in a large pool of unengaged contacts. Inbox Monster’s consultants created a strategy for reengagement, in addition to keeping proactive tabs on all of the program’s performance day in and day out. The team felt taken care of “knowing that someone was fighting on their behalf.”


“It’s both the product giving us visibility and the excellent support that make a difference. We get more data and then we have [our deliverability consultant] tell us how to address the issues. It’s really both that make a difference.”

Kelley Sharp, Email Marketing Manager,

“I view [Inbox Monster] as an insurance policy. It’s good to know that we have the support and the right technology in place, if things do go wrong.”

Scott Viohl, Senior Director of Marketing,