When Reputation is Everything, Keep Tabs in Real Time

Beehiiv is a newsletter platform that empowers brands to scale their content with next generation tools. With the suite at their fingertips, content makers can monetize newsletters, natively integrate ads and more. The newsletters are sent via Twilio SendGrid, and keeping tabs on reputation of the individual senders has become paramount to the company’s success. With expert support from the Twilio team and the Inbox Monster platform as their secret weapon, Beehiiv has thrived. Ruled the hive, even.

The problem

As the company scales, Beehiiv can’t vet each individual user as a part of onboarding. But since they are using shared sending pools it is essential to get information about sending practices and any reputation issues in real time, so the team can react quickly and not impact any other senders.


The solution

Beehiiv and their deliverability expert at Twilio SendGrid have set up a “one stop shop” for reputation monitoring with Inbox Monster. With one log in, the team can easily get a visual snapshot of every shared domain and IP being used by Beehiiv users. In addition, they have set up a robust set of alerts via the Inbox Monster platform, so they can rest assured that any time a problem arises, they’ll be alerted in the moment. 

“In addition to powerful seedlist and inbox placement testing, Inbox Monster has provided essential insight into the reputation of our senders, alerting us in real-time if metrics start to dip. It’s been a great tool to gain clarity and confidence for our business.”

– Tyler Denk, CEO of Beehiiv

“The information in the tool is so valuable because it’s so easy to digest. We need to be agile. If we see things going sideways, we need to course correct–Inbox Monster lets us easily do that in real time.”

– Jessica Hunt, Sr. Deliverability Consultant at Twilio SendGrid

The Result

The 59 total reputation changes over the past year were handled swiftly, with the vast majority retaining a “high” reputation status. Translation: Any deviations from the norm were quickly addressed and remedied by the expert hands on deck. Currently, 92% of domains have a high or medium reputation, which is considered a major win.


Domains with high or medium reputation