Inbox Monster Empowers Dotdigital with Deliverability Insights That Go Deep

Dotdigital is a customer experience and data platform (CXDP) that helps brands deliver truly personalized experiences across email, SMS, WhatsApp and other channels – unlocking data to create optimized journeys and messages that can’t be ignored. Through their partnership with Inbox Monster, Dotdigital has more intelligence at their fingertips to build out crucial deliverability packages and services across all stages of their customers’ experience on the platform.

New offerings tailored to customer needs

The Dotdigital team has crafted new deliverability packages, fueled by Inbox Monster signals. These “building blocks” go from providing training on the platform itself, allowing for a self-guided approach, to more intensive consulting packages that combine Dotdigital deliverability expertise with the Inbox Monster platform to deliver tailored advice and support.

An informed approach to platform onboarding

Throughout onboarding, Inbox Monster is used as a constant source of feedback during domain or IP warming. These deliverability signals provide a critical safety net as the Dotdigital team works through the warming plan and opens sending up to less engaged contacts. “Inbox Monster is like having a neutral third party-a place we can turn to and show customers, through rich but easy-to-understand visuals, that a problem exists,” said Tam Bond, Head of Messaging Operations at Dotdigital.

Ongoing monitoring & pattern recognition

As brands get more comfortable in the Dotdigital platform, the team uses seed testing to establish patterns and trends for their customers, keeping tabs on month over month performance and leaning on Monster alerts to flag any unusual dips or inboxing issues. Having comprehensive deliverability metrics in one location helps Dotdigital’s team effectively navigate deliverability challenges for their large and complex customer base.

Keeping tabs on DMARC

When the Dotdigital team sees authentication chains break down on the receiver’s side, they use Inbox Monster as part of their detective work. Inbox Monster’s signals help the Dotdigital team identify the source and timing of authentication fails, which allows for quick fixes and a more efficient return to deliverability success.
“With Inbox Monster, we feel like our business and our success matter. It’s a platform that has been built by deliverability people for deliverability people, and it shows.”

-Tam Bond, Head of Messaging Operations at Dotdigital

“Being able to see historically helps us–we can see when we should be more cautious. Inbox Monster helps us make informed recommendations.”

-Tam Bond, Head of Messaging Operations at Dotdigital

“Inbox Monster helps us both protect our infrastructure and educate our customers. The support we get is absolutely fantastic. People at Inbox Monster aren’t afraid to dig deeper.”

-Tam Bond, Head of Messaging Operations at Dotdigital