Mailstream Tracking Tool Gives a New Level of Confidence

Written by
Laura Sullivan

June 28, 2023

Today we’re excited to release a new mailstream tracking platform that will arm marketers and compliance teams with more confidence that their email policies are being followed and their data is secure. 

Through a simple interface, marketers create a set of tracking beacons and tie them to key rules of their program. When one of these rules is violated, real-time alerts provide immediate insights into the violation and offer a full view of the creative associated with it. Get more information about the ways that Oversight can be utilized here

The applications are exciting and far reaching, covering both permitted and non-permitted actions. For example, marketers can place beacons in their unsubscribe list and be alerted of accidental sending. Email teams can also keep tabs on their sending domains and get notified of any unauthorized activity, indicating internal or external data breaches. Complex organizations with parent and child brands can now gain full visibility of data sharing within their org. 

We’re on stand by to show you how the tool works. Book a demo to check it out.

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